The name Corpore Sano is synonymous with Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

With the aim of staying ahead of unceasing market concerns, Corpore Sano is in a constant state of research, development and innovation in the various fields relating to personal care. Corpore Sano is a leading brand in the Spanish market and its products are sold in over 3,000 retail outlets.

– Corpore Sano is a natural cosmetics laboratory founded in 1980.
– We follow ethical and environmentally responsible production processes.
– Our packaging is lightweight, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
– We collaborate with companies that donate part of their profits to social initiatives.
– Our raw materials undergo stringent quality controls.
– We use plant oils and extracts from certified organic crops.
– We steer clear of silicones, mineral oils and parabens.
– Our facilities are Ecocert certified.
– We do not use raw materials of animal origin.
– Corpore Sano products are not tested on animals.

We are backed by over 30 years of experience.